Abhina C.

As First time home buyers, Deepak and Karishma were referred to us by a friend of ours and told that they are the best we could get. We were able to buy our dream home within two weeks of having an introductory call. As soon as we had the first conversation with Karishma we knew that we were in excellent hands. Deepak is a master of the trade himself and has in-depth knowledge about every house we were shown. Along with being extremely professional with the whole process and walking us along every step they were also very warm and friendly. Knowing that they cover everything from Real estate, Financing, Remodelling, as well as various other services, increased our confidence in a long-term relationship with them. We wanted someone who wouldn't just sell us a house and disappear but help us re-sell and rebuy time and time. This is great because they would never sell us a house that they would not be able to sell themselves in the future. The main thing I would recommend about them was Efficient: They will know exactly what you want by talking to you. Then find the best houses suited to your needs and budget. House options are shown to you throughout the week and then tours for the houses you shortlist on the weekends. They always come super prepared, all you have to do is show up. Quick Responses: They have an anthem app and are excellent at communication and will tell you everything you need to know ahead of time. They will talk to the bank, the homeowner, the seller agent, insurance, appraiser on your behalf and make the whole process smooth. Knowledge and Experience: Deepak and Karishma have been in the business for more than 30+ years and have in-depth knowledge of the whole process. They gave us a timetable and crash course on what to expect and what to be ready for and also asked us the right questions to understand what kind of house we are looking for remodeling assistance: Deepak and Karishma stood by our side to help us identify how we could remodel the home as per our choice. They were handy with contacts of contractors and meticulously guided us with the changes that could be done. I feel like this is where his years of experience and working with someone with technical knowledge in the field mattered Areas Covered: The anthem group knew about real estate listings which helped us. We gave them a 50-mile radius to work with and a few requirements. Due to their expertise in the entire bay area, they were able to help us find our dream home which was close to all points of commuting. We were showing the best listings in Sunnyvale, Fremont, San Jose, Palo Alto, Mountain View, Foster City, and helped us along the view to make the best decision. Overall If you are in the market for a realtor, especially if this is your first time buying I would strongly recommend the Anthem group.


1) Deepak and Karishma are the best. We just bought our second home through them. Fabulous team. We were looking in the Campbell or Cambrian area. They had deep knowledge about schools and neighborhoods. Their relationships with other realtors built up over years definitely helped us win the bid in this multiple offer environment. They are now helping us with room addition and remodel. They have our personal interests at heart. They watch out for us. They always have an eye on the return on investment. Their administration staff and support team are all professional and courteous. Many of our friends have purchased through them. Thank you for all your help Anthem Group. 2) Karishma & Deepak are top-notch Realtors. My parents and I are very pleased with their professional services and their warmth and understanding. We were referred to them by a friend. We had heard good things about them from various others. In working with us they worked with all 3 generations, my parents, mine, and my daughters. Their 25+ years in business gave us the comfort that we were in great hands. I told them our requirements and focused on my job. They made the whole transaction smooth with Real Estate, Construction, and financing under one roof. They are a boutique independent brokerage, with customized service and don't have to adhere to big franchise hard rules. They cover a large area, so I could be selling home in one neighborhood and buying one 25 miles away, and their knowledge bases were consistent all over the territory. Saratoga, Cupertino, Los Altos, Palo Alto, we had the whole gamut of areas to explore. Their super efficient staff took the transaction from A to Z without a flaw. The marketing department did a spectacular job of advertising my home. Their industry connections got me the home I wanted and helped me sell my own home at a very desirable price. I would highly recommend them to folks looking to sell their home for top dollar and get a winning bid in this overbidding market. I have referred them to several friends and family. Go Anthem Team. 3) I found Karishma and Deepak at Anthem eHomeandLoan to be very professional, thorough, and responsive in our real estate needs. They are experts in multiple areas and the Anthem team takes care of all real estate needs including buying, selling, loans, and home improvement, and have been in business for 25 years. We have used their services multiple times over the last few years, and I would highly recommend their efficient staff and services. They helped us to purchase a home, make improvements, and sell at well above the listing price while using their connections with other agents and juggling multiple offers.

Anandarup B.

Thanks to Deepak and Karishma for helping us buy our dream house in Saratoga. They are simply outstanding for many reasons: 1. Deepak has this amazing capability of understanding exactly what your likings and dis-likings are, what your needs are, and your wants are. As a result, he will focus his and your energy on the right sets of properties catering to your exact likings. 2. Deepak will never push you to buy any house. He will go over with you in detail the pros and cons of every house that you have seen or you are considering and give his honest opinion. He is extremely patient and will continue to diligently work with you till you find your dream house. 3. Most of the buyers look at a house from what they are seeing then - at that point in time. They may not have the vision to think about the numerous potentials the house may possess. Deepak is a visionary in that regard. He looks at a property from the potential point of view. Deepak will not only help you realize what can be done with the property but also give you cost estimates, that will immensely help you as a buyer. As an example, the house we ended up buying, we did not even want to see based on the Zillow pictures. Deepak went to see the house and told us that he believes we would love that property because of its unique characteristics and tremendous potential and the rest is history. 4. With his wealth of experience, he can accurately predict at what price a given house will go for-you can check later on and will be surprised to see how close his guess was. What that tells you is this: if you are really interested in a house, then you can trust Deepak's guidance on the price. We experienced this first hand. 5. He will not only negotiate the best price for you but also et many other additional goodies for you during the deal. 6. He and his supporting cast are simply fabulous. You get immediate responses to your queries. Everything is automated, app-based - your next home is literally a click away. That's how seamless and easy the process is working with Deepak. Deepak will make the home buying process a truly enjoyable experience. I would highly recommend Deepak to all my friends and family members who are looking to buy their dream house. Thank you, Deepak and Karishma!

Racha N.

We had great pleasure working with Deepak and Karishma. We were first-time home buyers, inexperienced, and nervous at times. We were not very familiar with the area & property values. After losing a couple of offers through other real estate agents, we decided to contact Karishma. She immediately started helping us and understood our requirements. Here are some of the things we really admire & thank Karishma for: 1. She has tremendous years of experience in the Bay Area Real Estate market, which was very helpful for us in making the right decision. 2. She is extremely responsive over the phone and text, even if we wanted to talk to her at 10:00 PM in the night. 3. She would give us truly right advice without any agenda on which area is good & what is the right offer to put for properties we liked. 4. She would also caution us when we were making wrong moves or going out our way to put offers for properties that would have less potential to appreciate in the future. 5. She has a great team under her belt, who were all in constant touch with us for any questions we needed answers for (Trust me, we had a lot of questions). 6. At the end of the process, we built such a great relationship. She advised us like family members every step of the way. 7. Deepak was there to guide us from closing to all the way getting the keys in our hands. Without losing patience both Karishma and Deepak have helped us greatly in making this crazy house buying process more bearable and much easier. I don't think anyone would provide such stellar service in the bay area. I would 200% recommend Karishma and Deepak. They have been more of a mentor to us than just someone who is interested in getting the deal done and move on. Please reach out to them and you will see their commendable service and their selfless advice till you make the purchase.


We were on and off in the market to buy a home in the south bay for quite some time and didn't have a formal Real Estate agent. About a year and a half back, we met Karishma at an open house and instantly connected. She mentioned that Deepak is in the remodeling business and can help us estimate what it could take to customize a prospective home to meet our needs. We formally engaged Anthem Realtors (Deepak's and Karishma's company), but still liked being hands-off, visiting properties per our own schedule (particularly between kids' weekend classes). Deepak's team respected that and never pressured us into visiting a place. However, Deepak was readily available to tour any house that we thought would need remodelling. They also helped us find a better lender than the one we already had (fewer loan constraints and better rates). When COVID-19 hit, we had to switch from a 'hands-off' approach to an appointment-only approach and again, the team seamlessly switched to meet our needs. We are very picky buyers and took our time to find our dream home and Deepak was very patient, always giving his expert opinion, but never pressuring us into buying any home. The entire team was very supportive and responsive to any questions we had, pretty much around the clock. Finally, when we found a home we really loved, Deepak suggested a price that made sense based on comps and managed to get it for us exactly at the price we agreed on. Deepak used his influence and negotiating skills to close a deal with the sellers 4 days before the offer closing date and we believe the house might have gone into a bidding war and may have gone for a higher price.

Yogesh A.

Deepak and Karishma have been an absolute pleasure to work with. The trust that they have built with me has led to a very long-lasting relationship - they helped me buy my first home ten years ago and more recently helped me buy another one. Deepak has very strong relationships with other realtors in the bay area, which is a key factor in your ability to close a deal in a market that is full of competitive bids and multiple offers. He brings a trusted and strategic perspective to the whole buying process - for example, with my last purchase he helped me focus on the most important element, which is location. He then helped identify a house that is absolutely the right neighborhood and location and shared his vision of what we could do with the house over time. He didn't stop there - since this was a very desirable neighborhood, he used his relationships and persuasion power to help close the deal in a competitive market and within the parameters, I had laid out. Along the way, he has been a trusted advisor, helping me avoid mistakes that I would have made otherwise. Finally and the most important element that I admire about Deepak is his humility - an absolute must for leaders with level 5 leadership and who build companies that last for a long time - Deepak possesses that leadership skill in the realtor business.

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