Chandani Twins

Luv & Kush Chandani

Krish (Luv) & Akash (Kush) aka "Chandani Twins" grew up in Los Altos Hills and Saratoga in the family real estate and construction business, so everything real estate comes naturally to the twins. In Addition to Luv & Kush's extraordinary "Twin Dynamic", their clients most appreciate their vibrancy, professionalism, patience, work ethic and passion for real estate, as well as their deep engineering and construction knowledge.

Luv & Kush graduated college in 2018 with Industrial Systems Engineering Degrees from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, the #4 best engineering university in the world. In just a few years working professionally in the real estate business, the twins have already been involved in over 100+ transactions and over $200 Million in sales. Leveraging their Engineering education background and their natural passion for sports and music, along with guidance from Deepak & Karishma Chandani, the twins are well poised for servicing their young, tech savvy clientele in the San Francisco/Bay Area as well their already established network of connections in the Sports & Entertainment Industry in Los Angeles.

In LA, we record in the studio with Wiz Khalifa, French Montana, Juicy J, Roy Woods and many others multiple times a week. We even recorded and released a song with Kelly Oubre Jr. as many athletes are making music as a side hobby and they love working with us! We lived in Hollywood at 1600 Vine for over a year and made hundreds of major celebrity connections in the Entertainment and Sports Industries and we paid close attention to the places we used to commonly visit our celebrity friends at such locations like Hidden Hills, Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Hollywood Hills, Calabasas, Santa Rosa Valley, Santa Monica and more, so we are familiar with LA and loved living there. We now live part time in Saratoga with our family and part time in LA touring luxury homes with celebrity friends, working in the studio with our celebrity friends and solidifying our connections in the Sports & Entertainment industry.

We are identical twin realtors known as the "Chandani Twins", also known as THEMXXNLIGHT (pronounced "The Moonlight") in the Music/Entertainment Industry. Our names are Krish & Akash Chandani.

We grew up in the Bay Area in Los Altos Hills and Saratoga. We attended Los Altos public schools and then Harker for high school. We both got recruited to play college basketball, receiving multiple offers. We chose to attend the #4 best Engineering university in the world, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) and we both graduated with Industrial Systems Engineering degrees in 2018.

Our lives took a crazy turn while we were in our 3rd year of college at RPI. We started singing and recording original songs as a hobby and uploading to SoundCloud when Wiz Khalifa reached out to us on Twitter and started posting about us saying that we are the future of R&B music! We are a singing duo called "THEMXXNLIGHT" signed by legendary rapper Wiz Khalifa and featured on 5 songs on Wiz's recent albums. We have surpassed 100 Million streams/views on our songs and music videos and we have received Gold and Platinum Record Plaques for our songs with Wiz Khalifa and major Bollywood artists. We also incorporate our unique Indian culture in our music and visuals and we have also released an album with Sony Music India and we were the first ever English singers signed by historic label Sony Music India. We have over 150K followers across our social media. We have huge upcoming songs and music videos with top artists such as Wiz Khalifa, Travis Scott, Megan Thee Stallion, French Montana, DJ Snake, TM88, Roy Woods and more.

Being college basketball players as well and being two out of five triple sport athletes in our entire high school, we appeal to athletes very well and have many professional athletes as our close friends including Kelly Oubre Jr. (NBA), Kevin Durant (NBA), Javale McGee (NBA), Kelechi Osemele (NFL Super Bowl Champion), Kent Bazemore (NBA), Michael Venom Page (MMA Fighter), Aaron Gordon (NBA, we grew up with him), Devin Smith (NFL) and many more! We also perform for our celebrity friends' events and even make music with some of our professional athlete friends like Kelly Oubre Jr, with whom we recorded a few songs with and Kelly released the song featuring us, as well as Kelechi Osemele who we have co-written some songs in the studio with!

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Their clients most appreciate their vibrancy, professionalism, patience, work ethic and passion for real estate, as well as their deep engineering and construction knowledge.
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