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Deepak Chandani

Deepak Chandani


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Deepak is renowned as one of the most successful, experienced and elite luxury realtors in the entire Bay Area and the majority of Deepak's clientele has been high net worth CEO's and Founders of major tech companies, including a few tech celebrities. Deepak has done over $3 Billion in transactions and is most appreciated by his clients due to his high level of patience, professionalism, work ethic, availability, intensity, relationship management and his very deep and unique understanding of real estate not just as a transaction, but as a portfolio.

Seldom, do you find a real estate individual with a background in Engineering, High Tech, Transactions, Finance, Investment Funds, Remodeling and Construction of new homes. Over 30 years in business, Chandani Group has been offering their clients a full range of concierge services extremely successfully, which has been much appreciated and extremely beneficial to over 10.000 clients. Deepak is a versatile and serial entrepreneur from a semiconductor background who transitioned into real estate in the 1980's. Deepak was the CEO & Founder of a successful real estate enterprise solution called REEZ.com which he sold to FNIS (Fidelity National Information Solutions). This technology is now used by Alain Pinel (Now part of Compass) as "Transaction Point".

Deepak is very highly educated with Engineering Degrees in Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, which sets him in a league above the rest. His clients should expect that he will add value to their lives in unexpected ways, even beyond managing real estate. Chandani Group is based in the Bay Area & Los Angeles and includes Deepak Chandani and his identical twin sons Krish & Akash aka the "Chandani Twins", providing their clients the comprehensive resources, knowledge, experience, work ethic of a powerhouse trio.

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Their clients most appreciate their vibrancy, professionalism, patience, work ethic and passion for real estate, as well as their deep engineering and construction knowledge.
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